Specialists in solving environmental problems resulting from the emission of Volatile Organic Compound into the atmosphere.

PRAMEC is understand the need of the CLIENT and BRING satisfactory technical and manufacturing solutions.



Thanks to its technical department, PRAMEC is able to propose projects of machinery and plant for the purification of emissions, starting from the most disparate needs of the client to achieve the exact product which meets ALL of the operating conditions and characteristics required.


Thanks to close collaboration with its suppliers, PRAMEC realizes every project managing it in every aspect and in every detail.

Installation and after-sales

PRAMEC carries out the installation of the product or system that has been designed to offer customers a complete turnkey package. In addition, our PRAMEC ZERO FAILURE PROGRAM program offers coverage not only on machinery and equipment, but also on the problems created by different agents of wear, using for this purpose steel products and not, strictly anti-wear and anti-corrosion


  • Active Carbon

    Description Active carbon is a material mainly composed by amorphous carbon. The characterisitcs of this...

  • Anticorrosion fan

    Description PRAMEC is able to provide anti-corrosion fans related to precise customer requests. The fans...

  • Bio-Filters

    Description Inside biofilter the air passes through an organic porous media (also called filter bed)...

  • Bio-Scrubber

    Description Bio-scrubber are systems that use biologic material as active media to reduce pollutants from...

  • Chemical-physical treatment

    Description Generally such processes comprise a first neutralization treatment, a second flocculation followed by a...

  • Direct fired thermal oxidizer (TOX)

    Description The thermal oxidizer are thermal combustion systems where there is no kind of recovery...

  • Horizontal scrubber

    Description The wet horizontal scrubber can be compared to the vertical one. The working principle...

  • Ion Exchange Resins

    Description The continuous elimination of low concentrations of contaminants, in particular metals, offers the advantage...




From the necessity to the solution. PRAMEC is able to drive the customer step by step in the analysis and identification of the best solution by offering his collaboration to 360 degrees, around the issue with staff and qualified suppliers, managing every aspect ensuring and certifying their work with absolute security.

  • Chemical-Pharmaceutical production

    The purification systems related to the chemical and pharmaceutical field, in general should be designed considering the wide variation in...

  • Deodorization Plants

    The plant is composed by two different elements, a two-stages scrubber and a bio-filtration section. In the scrubber are removed...